Sitecore Symposium 2020 first highlights

This years Sitecore Symposium has begon and here is a short post with some mentionable highlights.

From the keynotes

A lot was said during the keynotes but in general it is all about creating moments with and for your customers. And these moments should be spot on, especially the first moment you and your potential customer have. Sitecore CMO’s Paige O’Neill calls it the moment-to-moment mindset. Make every moment count and memorable. Do this by creating trust and with empathy.

Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore Content Hub is the content creation and planning platform and crucial for creating memorable moments. After all it is content and personalization that is needed to stay connected with customers. The following features that are on the roadmap will help CMO’s and CXO’s:

Content Insights

Content Hub has a content strategy board that helps you see how content performs. A new feature is introduced that shows how the content impacts the engagement of customers. It uses the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) and engagement value and shows you what the performance of content on the web channel is. Very powerfull, especially for bought media.

Insights become also available by user profile attribute such as location. But any other user profile attribute becomes available to view how content performs on it.

Content coverage

Content coverage is about discovering what content is suitable for which audience segments. In the image below, the left side of the image shows audience segments. The darker the color the more content is available for that segment. It is all powered by Sitecore AI.

Content As A Service (CaaS)

Content Hub gets extended with a service that is called CaaS. Content-As-A-Service. It allows you to send content to the world with a single click. A global content delivery service in the cloud distributes your content item to any other channel, web, storefront, app or whatever channel is included in your customer journey. It is viewable and actionable in realtime. Wow!

Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore AI for auto personalization for everyone

That’s right, Sitecore AI becomes available for free with Sitecore 10. It is easy to configure. Just select a component, select content items to include and toggle the auto personalization option. Sitecore AI does the rest. And it does not require high volumes of visitors anymore.

Content effectiveness & suggestions

How do you know if you have the right content or enough content for your audience segments? Sitecore AI will measure content effectiveness and give you suggestions. It is now on the roadmap of Sitecore. In the image below you can see a map of discovered audience segments. The darker a segment the more content supporting that audience segment. Clicking on a segment will show a list of suggestions and by selecting you can see the effective on the audience.

Redesign of the launchpad

Oh a very minor detail: the launchpad will be redesigned by the end of 20/21. Not sure what other applications will be redesigned but at least we loose the red colours :).

Experience Commerce

Not so much was shared during the keynotes except that AI is also coming to commerce for auto recommendations. For example in your checkout funnel or in emails.

That’s it for now. At least from the business point of view. More to come in the next days and weeks. Keep you posted.