Sitecore tip 13: use automated decisions to create a personal experience

I posted a lot last week but I have to stick to my weekly tips series. So I’m sorry, but here is another tip to improve your marketing automation campaigns.

With the Sitecore 9 Marketing Automation tool you can add automated decisions that will help improve your customers experience. Let’s say you have setup some campaigns in Sitecore to track and optimize the value of your social channels. You have noticed that the type of content that is viewed by visitors coming via LinkedIn is different then the visitors coming from Facebook. So, why not use this to personalize a marketing automation plan?

Simply drag and drop a decision point on to your plan.

Select the decision point and configure a custom rule for the social channels (or use a campaign to be more specific for a certain post or ad).

From now on, users that have interacted with the LinkedIn channel are directed to the yes path and the rest is directed to the no path. Here you can do custom things for this partical audience like sending different emails with different content, assign different engagement value points or even change behavior profile values.

Pretty cool huh! Another nice example of integrated solutions (xDB, rules engine, marketing automation).