Sitecore tip 14: use lead scoring to automate experiences

In Sitecore you can create powerful lead scoring models by using engagement value, goals and patterns. Engagement value and goals are used together and give you the insights of which visitors/customers are more valuable to you then others. Patterns are used to give insights in for example Visitors, Marketing Qualified Leads or Sales Qualified Leads, but you can use it for any categorization you like. And with this information you can optimize your customer’s experience.

Since Siteocre 9 update 2 there are some rules that can use this data and create personalized experiences. One example is the rule where you check for a specific pattern, for example the Marketing Qualified Lead.

Now the fun begins. A simple scenario can be that Marketing Qualified Leads that trigger certain goals and collect a certain amount of engagement value points will see other content then others. Or from a Marketing Automation perspective, send them different emails or do different things to trigger them to take the next step.

Cool stuff! With each update Sitecore becomes more and more mature and a true Digital Experience Platform.