Sitecore tip 16: the new unofficial Sitecore Marketing YouTube channel

So, this week is dedicated to a little shameless self-promotion. Besides the Unofficial SXA YouTube Channel to which I contribute, I’m starting a new channel on my own: the Unofficial Sitecore Marketing channel.

I hope soon a lot of experts will join me to create training videos for marketers. I don’t want it to by my channel but a channel of the community. So please, join me in explaining the power of Sitecore for marketers and let me know if you want to contribute. Visit the channel on

I have created the first video and this was one that was on my list for a long time. View the video on

In this video I’m explaining and showing how to setup a basic marketing automation scenario by using:

  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator for the site and landing page (not explained in the video because of the other YouTube channel)
  • Sitecore forms (not explained in the video)
  • Email Experience Manager
  • Campaign Management
  • Goals
  • List management
  • Marketing Automation

I hope this video helps you in taking some basic steps and get started with Sitecore other then content management.

Let me know what you think.