Sitecore tip 20: quickly bulk create items with Sitecore Powershell

I accidentally ran into these options, but man why did I not know this earlier! There are two options that I want to highlight. The first is the bulk creation of items or users. The second one is to re-create a complete site structure based on the sitemap.xml of a site. I have created two videos for both to show you how it works.

Bulk create items or users

If you want to quickly create some items for your site or some users then the Sitecore Powershell module has some cool features for it. I think it is usefull in development and test stages of a project but decide for yourself of course. In the video below I show you how you can access this feature and how easy it works.

Re-create site structure based on a sitemap.xml

If you want to re-create a complete site structure, the Powershell module has a cool feature for it. It can be handy for developing a new version of a site and have the current structure in there as well. Follow the video below to see how it works.

As you can see in the videos there are some more options that the Powershell module provides. Check them out as well!