Sitecore tip 21: use campaign & goal facets for better analyzing and reporting

Campaigns and goals are great for optimizing by focussing on engagement value. When you create a campaign or a goal you can fill in certain facets. By default they don’t say much. It is just Campaign facet 1 or Goal facet 1. But do you know you can change all of this? And then use it for better analysis and reporting?

Let’s say you are a marketer for a large company that runs campaigns for several brands or business units. Would it not be nice if you can configure which campaign or goal is for which business unit? And maybe you also want to know if there is a difference in campaign performance based on a competence within a business unit. So why not create a facet for that as well and provide your campaigns and goals with extra meta data?

You can simply change the names of the existing facets in theĀ Marketing Control Panel. Look underĀ Taxonomies, rename the facets and create facet options below them. If you configure them for every campaign you will be able to filter on them in your reports. If you use tools like Power BI you can create detailed reports based on these meta data.