Sitecore tip 31: use the decision point in marketing automation for better user experience

Using the Marketing Automation tool of Sitecore helps in creating relevant and personal experiences. A powerful option is to use the so called decision point. It can be used to decide which path a visitor follows based on rules. The difference with listeners is that decision points evaluates immediately. Listeners need a certain time span in which the automation engine ‘listens’ if a certain evaluation is true or false.

Possibilities are endless but here are some scenario’s you can think of that can help tailor the customer’s experience even more:

  • Add contacts to different contact lists based on a matched profile (pattern match)
  • Send a different email based on a contact facet’s value like gender
  • Increase the engagement value differently based on the channel
  • Move the contact to another campaign if a certain engagement value amount is reached
  • Check for certain criteria and remove a contact from a campaign

Remember that you can extend Sitecore with lots of custom stuff like contact facets and matching rules that you can combine in your automation plans.