Sitecore tip 32: SXA folders influence your tenant export

When you are creating tenant and sites with SXA you will notice that on several places folders are created, like in the Templates section, under Media Library, but also under Forms for example. Some folders will only be created based on your tenant, others will also contain folders for sites. Besides the Helix architecture there is another reason why these folders are created and why they should matter to you. I find out ‘the hard way’. Here is my case:

I had created a demo website with a custom theme and with a form. I stored this form outside of the SXA generated folders. Next I used the Quick Download Tenant as Package option to move it to another environment. Very convenient quickly setup environments. But what happened? My form was not exported, because I did not stored it in a SXA generated folder.

So, be careful and think it through before you move stuff outside of SXA folders. Saves you a lot of time.