Sitecore tip 33: create a Sitecore forms template

Often I hear the need for marketers to quickly create simple forms for landingpages. For example for an event registration. Creating every form from scratch is time consuming. You can try to copy a form in the Content Editor (never tried by the way) but there is another way. Creating a Sitecore Forms template. How cool is that! Here is how you can create a Sitecore Forms template:

1. Create a new form with Sitecore Forms. If your form does not appear in the list of created forms, rebuild the master index. When you click the Create button it will look like the image below. You will see the Blank form option and earlier created forms.

2. Now switch to the Content Editor and browse to the location where you have stored your form. Select the form item (not its children which are elements of your form) and look for the Is Template option in the Settings section. Check it and save your item.

3. Switch back to your Forms application and refresh your browser or start the Forms application. Your form disappeared from the list with created forms. Click the Create button to create a new form. Aaahh there it is! Your form turned into a template.

From now on you can create a new form based on this template and only change some settings or fields.

This is a very nice but undocumented feature. Take advantage of it and save your marketers a lot of time!