Sitecore tip 37: preview a page within the Content Editor

Working in the Content Editor is great if you have to create and add large amounts of pages and content. You usually use the Experience Editor to create more appealing landing pages that should attract and convert people and to work WYSIWYG and to (pre)view your changes visually. With the preview option you will open a new tab with a light version of the Experience Editor to test how everything looks on the page. All nice features but it requires a lot of clicks or open windows.

But did you know that you can also preview a page within the Content Editor? So any changes to content fields that are stored on the page can immediately be previewed without leaving the Content Editor? Here is how:

1. From the Content Editor click the Presentation tab.

2. Click on the Preview button.

3. A preview of your page should appear in a new tab next to the Content tab.

Aahh, magical!