Sitecore tip 38: optimize experiences and lead generation with form events

Sometimes it pays of to just look at what data is available from the xProfile. Here you will see that many events will be tracked, like a Visit or a Campaign or Goal trigger. But there is more. When you use the Email Experience Manager or Sitecore Forms you will also notice events like Email Clicked Event or Form dropout.

Form dropout? Yes, that’s right. By default a lot of events around forms are tracked and the ones out of the box available to you are:

  • Form begin
  • Field completed
  • Field error
  • Form dropout
  • Form error
  • Form submit
  • Form submit success

Optmization example

A relative easy scenario to create is one where you track that someone starts filling in a form but drops out before submitting. The Form dropout event will be triggered in this case. And the cool thing of an integrated set of tools Sitecore offers you, is that you can use this event in for example Marketing Automation.

So, you can configure an automation plan that enrolls a contact upon the Form dropout event. Than wait a day or so and when a certain goal is still not triggered, you can send an automated reminder email. Make it complete by configuring a personalization rule on the homepage which will notify the user that he has unfinished business. But then in a nicely formulated way of course ;-).

You can manage many micromoments by using these events to further help and optimize the user experience. Think of the endless possibilites it will give you and a broader leverage of Sitecore automation.