Sitecore tip 39: quickly acess item fields in the Content Editor

It has been quiet from my part for a couple of weeks. My apologies. I had a very busy period which ended with a much needed holiday with my loved ones. But I’m back and ready for some new tips and trics.

This one is for all the content authors out there. Sometimes you have pages with lots and lots of sections and fields. You catch yourself endlessly scrolling in search of that one field. But there is a much easier way. In the Content Editor on the right top corner you will find a button with a little book icon.

When you click this icon you will get a list of all the sections and fields. The search box on top of the list can be used to quickly find the correct field. And when you click on a field from that list you will jump to it and the cursor focusses on the field.

Who says Sitecore isn’t user friendly 😉