Sitecore tip 48: Sitecore analytics custom interaction filters

So we have finally landed in the era of Sitecore 10! Much awesomeness that a lot of you have already seen or shared. One of the new features is the Interaction filters on the Experience Analytics reports (see image below).

But did you know that it is easy to create new filters by yourself? All with the power of the rich interaction data and the rules engine. To do so you simply create a new segment (under Launchpad > Lists > Create > Create Segment), give it a name and add a segmentation rule. After saving it appears in the interactions filter dropdown and it will filter your reports accordingly.

Cool huh! It gives you more power to analyze the rich data and will most certainly give you more insights. Some simple examples:

  • Insights for a specific pattern card where certain goals are triggered
  • Insights for a specific campaign in a specific country of region

Now for the default dashboards and reports it is cool but if you create your own custom reports and then use this option you will rock!