Sitecore tip 51: Use the new Sitecore 10 Analytics Audience Filter to optimize your conversion and CX

One of the great improvements in Sitecore 10 is the audience filter for experience analytics. It allows you to create custom segments, based on rules, and apply it on the reports. This gives you the power of analyzing behavior of all kinds of audiences or segments. It can help you answering questions like:

  • How valuable are profiles X and Y?
  • Which channel has the most engaged visitors?
  • How does a campaign group (with several campaigns) performs?
  • What are the top landing or exit pages for traffic coming from a specific campaign?

Basically anything is possible because of the usage of the rules engine. This allows you to setup crazy audience filters like:

  • Based on specific internal search terms one used on the websites site search;
  • Based on a profile facet like job title, gender or city;

And the cool thing is, you can configure this easily by creating new segments in the list manager.

And use the option “Use as analytics filter” on a segment to make it appear in the audience filter dropdown in Experience Analytics.

Simply apply the filter on your reports and you will see filtered data. Please be aware that it can take some time before the filtered data appears. At least that is my experience.

Now the milion dollar question: should you upgrade for it? Well, if it was only for this one option, you probably should not. But together with all the other features and the fact that you can use Sitecore AI for free in 2021, you should!