Sitecore tip 52: The Sitecore Experience Profile Analytics Filter option

Number 52! A year of weekly tips.

Did you ever noticed the filter button shown at the left side of the search box on the Experience Profile Analytics tool? I bet you haven’t as I did not for a long time.

So what can you do with it? Well, if you click it, a filter sidebar appears on the left side of the search results. And you can create all kinds of filters based on goal or outcome triggers or based on channels. Or based on a combination of those ;-).

Although going through thousands of records is not of any use, you can narrow down the results to get a feeling of what’s going on. Very usefull to check if contacts trigger certain goals based on channel in a given timeframe.

Nice huh! You will now never forget this option and I bet you start using the Experience Profile a lot more :).