Sitecore tip 53: Path Analyzer to optimize your campaigns

The Path Analyzer. A highly underestimated tool if you ask me. You can create so many different overviews that not only tell you how visitors behave on your site, but also how your campaigns perform.

One of the cool and insightful maps I often create is an experience map where you show which goals (with value) are triggered via which campaigns. By using the Sitecore rules in the map configuration you can even specify a specific goal, for example if that goal is the real conversion. Then you can find out how campaigns and possible other goals lead to the conversion.

In the image above, the blue circles are goals and the red circles are campaigns. This is the highest level. From there only goals are shown in the order visitors trigger them.

Cool right? With a single goal set in the filter you can learn this way:

  • Which campaign (social post, email, etc.) delivers the most visits and goal triggers (value) for your whole campaign.
  • Which goals (goal paths) are used to get to the actual conversion.
  • Is the funnel that you designed actually working or are other paths performing much better?

As you can see the Path Analyzer is a tool that empowers marketers to analyze and optimize their campaigns. Make sure they understand how to use them!