Sitecore tip 54: 5 goal taxonomy ideas for better optimizing

If you want to better understand what happens on your site you must use goal facets to configure metadata for your goals. This helps you to decide where you need to optimize. Here are five ideas to classify your goals.

1. Organizational unit

Based on your organizational structure you probably want to understand how differents part of the organization perform. If you are in a multi-brand environment, you can choose for brand as a facet and add the brand names as facet values. Or in a single brand environment you can use units or departments like Marketing, HR or Recruitment.

2. Funnel stage

What about your funnel? If you add the funnel as a facet and add your funnel stages you can analyze how your funnel stages perform and where you need to optimize. Let’s say you follow the See-Think-Do-Care model of Google. You only need these four stages and classify each goal against those stages. Insights like in the image below are gathered very quickly.

3. Product

Using products is another great idea of using goal facets to classify them. If you have specific goals that apply for specific products you can learn how each goal contribute to your product. Combine this with a funnel stage and you quickly see where you need to optimize.

4. Content type

Understanding what content contributes to your conversions is key in optimizing the customer journey. If you are not on Content Hub (which is all about creating, measuring and optimizing content) you can use this little trick. Simply use a goal facet for selecting what content type your goal applies to. You can think of:

  • Form
  • Whitepaper
  • Webinar
  • Video

5. Campaign

Last but certainly not least another great idea. With campaigns in Sitecore you can assign campaigns to a campaign group and create clusters. With goals you can’t out of the box. So why not create a goal facet for campaigns and select the campaign your goal applies to. This way you can find out which goals perform the best and worst for a certain campaign.

Combine for better analyzing

The fun begins when you use multiple goal facets for each campaign. This way you can even better and in more detail understand what’s going on and where you need to take action. Please note that not all insights and combinations are available to you with the out of the box reports. But all the data is stored in Sitecore. So either create custom Sitecore reports or turn to Power BI for deeper analyzing.