Sitecore tip 56: view Sitecore Analytics in context of a profile/audience

Understanding customer behavior is critical in delivering the right experience at the right time. In order to do so, one need to analyze data in different contexts. In Sitecore 10 the audience analytics filter was introduced (read more about it in the introduction blog). This allows you to create different audiences (or contexts) in which you want to view the analytics data.

The context of a Sitecore profile is a powerful way to learn about behavior for different profiles. In order to set this up, follow the next steps:

  1. From the Launchpad, open the List Manager.
  2. Click Create > New Segment.
    Screenshot of Sitecore XP
  3. In the form, enter a name for your segment in the Segment name field.
  4. Check the Use as analytics filter checkbox.
    Screenshot of Sitecore XP
  5. In the Segmentation section click the + button and then click the Edit rule button.
  6. In the pop-up that appears, search for profile and select the rule “where the contact matched specific pattern card in the specific profile”.
    Screenshot of Sitecore XP
  7. Configure your rule by selecting the right pattern card and profile card.
  8. Click OK and save your segment.
    Screenshot of Sitecore XP
  9. Now go back to the Experience Analytics and check if your new segment is added to the list.
    Screenshot of Sitecore XP

You are good to go and filter any report in the context of your specific profile. Please note that it can take some time before the audience filter appears or works. Sometimes data must be processed.