Sitecore tip 58: publish goal folders before use goals in forms

Recently I encoutered a weird error in Sitecore forms. I had a goal configured as a submit action. When the form was submitted Sitecore forms returned the following error message: “An error has occured”. That’s it. Nothing else. The form just would not submit.

Of course you start with the default checks:

  • Is my goal deployed?
  • Are there any related items missing (like facets)
  • Can it be a language version issue?

Nothing seems to be the issue but the form still did not submit.

Then my colleage Maarten Willebrands (check out his blogs) noticed that the folder structure I had created was not published. After publishing that the form worked. So to conclude:

  • Publish your folder structure you have under the /sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Goals item. Each new folder also needs to be published
  • Then deploy your goal.