Sitecore tip 59: change sorting of items in the Content Editor

There are situations where you want to change the sorting of items in the tree of the Content Editor. There are some default options in the Ribbon or in the context menu to change the order, but these are manual sorting options to move items up or down.

Luckily there is another option that allows you to sort items based on, for example, creation date. Here is where you can find it.

1. In the Content Editor, right click the item of which you want the children’s to be sorted.

2. From the context menu that appears point the cursor to Sorting.

3. From the submenu choose Subitems Sorting. A pop-up appears.

4. From the pop-up you see the list of items and a sorting dropdown above it. Here you can choose from a couple of options like creation date, update date and more. Sometimes this saves a lot of manual sorting.

Happy sorting!