Sitecore tip 9: use SXA add site language option

When working with a multilingual site you have to create a version for each language. The larger your site becomes, the more work to do. Luckily Sitecore Experience Accelerator has an option for it to speed up this process a bit: Add Site Language. This script will add the language to all site items (create a version for each item) and copies the field values from the selected source language to a new version in the target language. The only thing you have to do is change the field values.

Using it is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Open the Content Editor, locate your SXA site and right click on it.

2. Go to Scripts > Add Site Language.

3. In the wizard choose the Existing Language you want to copy values from and then choose the New Language you want to create new versions for and copy the values to.

4. Click the OK button and SXA does the rest for you.

Another proof of how SXA can help your content editors to speed up their work. More time left for marketers to do the fun stuff!