Sitecore Weekly Tips – Tip 1: inherit SXA component grid settings on drag and drop

I’m starting something new besides my regular blogs. Every week I will provide you with a tip that makes your Sitecore live easier or more convenient. These types of blogs will be short and to the point. Just giving you something that you can use when working with Sitecore.

So here is tip number 1. Did you know that when you add a SXA component in the Experience Editor, in front of another one that is already on the page, it inherits it’s grid settings? Here is how you can try it:

  1. Add a component to a page, for example a Rich Text component.
  2. The component inherits the default grid settings. Mine is set to 12 columns for Phones and the rest is empty. Change it to whatever you need. I want a three column layout so I change the Tablet to 4 columns and leave the Phone to 12.
  3. Now when you add another component, for example a Promo component, next to the Rich Text component it will automatically start with the default settings (so not the settings of the first Rich Text component). In my case this was 12 columns for Phone and the rest is empty.
  4. Add another component but now in front of the first Rich Text component. It will automatically inherit the settings of the first Rich Text component and automatically sets the grid to 12 for Phones and 4 for tablets.

Convenient right? Remember this when you are creating multi column layouts. I will save time. Start by adding the component that needs to be in the most right column and work your way towards the component that is shown as first.

Keep up with me for another tip next week and share and like this post if you liked the tip.