Sitecore Weekly Tips – Tip 2: explore how your personalized pages will look like

Are you a marketer or optimization expert? Do you have pages with lots of personalization rules and want to test how a page looks or behaves based on profiles, goals, etc.? Use the explore mode of the Experience Editor to find out how your personalized pages will look like and how a user data is collected. Follow the next steps to open the explore mode:

1. Open a page in the Experience Editor.

2. From the Ribbon, on the Home tab, click the Other button and then click the Explore option from the drop down.

3. The page will refresh and the Explore mode is opened. You will see icons on the left and right side.

4. Click both icon to expand the panels. You can use available presets on the left and look what the result is on the right. Also the page will adapt based on personalization rules and selected preview settings.