Sitecore Weekly Tips – Tip 3: quickly see what’s going on with items in the Content Editor

When working with multiple users together in Sitecore with lots and lots of content, it sometimes is hard to see whats going on with items. But there is a kind of hidden feature that will show you in the tree if there is anything noteworthy with an item. Did you ever notice the small light grey vertical border left of the tree?

Right click with your mouse on the left side of this grey border. You will see a context menu with different options. Click on them to activate.

Now you will see icons in this left bar for items with which something is going on based on the selected options.

Hover with your mouse and you will see more details. Based on some of the options you can even click on the small icons to fix the issue.

Nice huh? Makes your work a little bit more efficient and fun right?

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